The HAWG POCKETS® FISHING LURE GUARD was named best "accessory" product at the 2005 ICAST Show. It stores and protects your lure on the rod to prevent the hooks from tangling or snagging other items. It's made of clear polyurethane and resists cracking from UV rays, heat and cold. It uses hook-and-loop fasteners to secure it to the rod and fits about any lure/rod combination.

Bassmaster Magazine


HAWG IT! ..... If you have a bunch of rods, you know how frustrating it can be to try to detangle them when it's time to fish. All the lures' treble hooks have snagged another rod's line or the carpeting inside your storage locker. All of that's a thing of the past with the Hawg Pockets® fishing lure guard, which is a transparent case that wraps around your favorite plug for safe storing. And with a Velcro® release, it's ready to go at the drop of a trolling motor!

Boating World - April 2005 edition


The HAWG POCKETS® FISHING LURE GUARD keeps a rigged lure from snagging or tangling on a rod. The user simply scoops the lure into the "pocket," then wraps the guard to the desired tightness around the rod. Hook-and-loop strips keep the see-through pocket in place. Flexible and durable, HAWG POCKETS fits most sizes of lures.

Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine


I want to tell you about some things I really like about the Hawg Pockets® fishing lure guard. One, it's really compact. Its polyurethane construction makes it as tough as nails. It is virtually indestructible and is extremely resistant to hook punctures. It remains pliable, even in cold weather. It is clear, so I can still see my bait. And most of all, its convenience will help you catch more fish!

Captain Mack Farr, Lake Lanier Fishing Guide


A Georgia based company introduced a nifty new product that even the family pet is sure to appreciate. It's called Hawg Pockets, a durable, see- through lure guard designed to wrap around the rod and lure to prevent the hooks from snagging or tangling rods during storage or transport...



What a great product!! Thanks. I can now just put on my Hawg Pockets and stick my rods in the rod box without cutting everything off and then having to retie the same lures the next day, after I rethreaded my line through the guides of all my rods.

Steve B., Bull Shoals, AR


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my "Hawg Pockets". I received them in a quick turn around from the time I ordered them and have been on several trips which I have used them. I wanted to let you know they work quite well, and I am pleased with my purchase. Now there in no tangling of my lures and no catching them on anything, especially the crank baits...they are easy to use and come off easy for quick casting.....again thank you ....so many times people want to complain about a product and never let you know how well they work. Well I am here to say. "HAWG POCKETS WORK GREAT AND ARE WELL WORTH THE PRICE"...I am very pleased and everybody I see, I show them also and advise them of how they can get some......

Gene F., Canton Georgia


My husband loved the fishing lure guards and has already started using them. Now both he and our dog will be safe on the boat! We may be ordering more in the future. Thanks again!

Susan M., Winston Salem, N.C.